now my heart is gold, my feet are right, and I’m racing out on the desert plains all night


but my heart is wild, and my bones are steel, and I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free

oh I promise you better days, all the memories of cities will fade


went out for the weekend, it lasted for ever, high with our friends it’s officially summer

got a fist of pure emotion, got a head of shattered dreams, gotta leave it, gotta leave it all behind now

through the wind, through the rain, the snow, the wind, the rain

someone caught us in the kitchen with maps, a mountain range, a piggy bank, a vision too removed to mention


going for miles and miles, moon makes that patient rise

lucky you there’s cake and wine, first we mourn then we dine

I hightail my cool haircut through the turnstiles of the airport, on the run now